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"Shit cleanup anywhere in the world means infectious waste cleanup, especially these days. Call me." (return) Eddie Evans



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I'm Eddie Evans and I do shit cleanup for residents and businesses. I know, that's saying something. I also do what we call biohazard cleanup, infectious waste cleanup following homicides, suicides, and unattended death's decomposition debris. Below I discuss the Facts about California's Shit Cleanup Strategies. I carry on a monologue with myself to help clarify the nature of shit cleanup on a grand scale.

Before moving on into the nature of shit, let me first give my heartfelt respect to the sewer workers of New York City, whose ongoing struggle to free that grand city of its many shit cleanup problems has a long, historic record. The homeless must also add a terrible burden to the city's residents.

Shit cleanup has a history as ancient as humanity's mother and child relationship. At some point in the past mothers placed their child's safety ahead of other survival tasks. Shit, feces, poop, chacha, whatever we choose to call this most common denominator for organisms with a metabolic system, they all shit. And most probably our predictors as well as other organisms remained cursed by their shit's fragrance wafting in the wind in all sorts of directions.

For certain, a pattern of human behavior left undocumented, but as real as the sun and grass, would show us mothers abandoning their offspring following as their offspring unintentionally, unknowingly signal signal great bears, fearsome lions, and wolves with powerful olfactory nerves and long noses to care and house their greatest hunting accessory.

Is it any wonder that cats bury their feces? Granted, other animals smear their poop on trees and rocks to signal their territory, but these animals belong to the predictor class of life, not the preyed upon class of life. So we look to the felines in our lives for examples of poop cleanup. We know intuitively why our cats do their own shit cleanup; it's because their place in the animal kingdom and feline hierarchy gave them swift though small bodies to survive.

For instance, a very large grave yard some 100 yards west of my home serves generations of coyotes migrating from a nearby creek, Coyote Creek. Stray cats and dogs do not last long in my neighborhood because of these wily coyotes' strong sense of small. It seems ironic that dozens of cats new to the neighborhood visit this graveyard (another irony) because it offers an enormous litter bo of freshly dug dirt for their shit cleanup. In brief, our neighborhood cats pay with their lives for shit cleanup.

While I'm writing about shit, let me explain that besides professional cleaning, I enjoy writing. As a result these web site will display a great quantity of creative, technical, and academic writing. I enjoy these three types of writing and I enjoy writing about writing, which I will do here in the contest of shit. I'm more than certain that my shit cleanup web site visitors epect something on my use of this word. After all, most people remain unfamiliar with a characterization of shit in the contest of shit cleanup as an occupational task. I takes time for shit to happen so I must move forward with the word itself.

Shit, The Word Itself

Meanwhile, let me explain the use of this term, shit. Only this morning did I buy I had never before thought of buying this domain name; I do owe others like feces cleanup, poop cleanup, sewage cleanup, toilet cleanup, and several others in the shit cleanup genre of feces cleanup. Let's take a look at the origins of the word shit. Once out of the way, my writing turns to biological and epidemiological concerns with shit.

s an English word that is usually considered vulgar and profane in Modern English. As a

Well before the 15th century in England, old English remained pretty much the dominant language in the we call England today. Calling the English language "old English" after the eclipse of the Roman Empire's colonial rule of the silent nation, Mrs. some of the historic landmarks of language development the map. History.

What might've been called "English" was often a mixture of French, Latin, and even angle and Saxon languages. In some regions of the silent people added the daily and even Welsh versions of their English. In this sufficed as to get along English language. One could ride from one village and travel for several days to another some 50 miles away, and find it quite hard to recognize the words of the people spoken with.

In Middle English this term survived as schitte (decrement) and reminds us of the British genetic and cultural roots. They grew from Germanic tribes. During the time of the Roman Empire's conquest of what we now call the British Isles, shit had many variations. I suppose it has pretty much the same uses and meanings in .

The three greatest English writers of all time put the brakes on this language anarchy without rules, and changed English forever. Chaucer, Milton, and Shakespeare were the brilliant language users creating models for the English language's development. Their literary works and drama in the case of Shakespeare, became the standards for generations of English speakers to fallow. Today we look back at Chaucer, Milton, and Shakespeare and find that we modern English users have difficulty understanding their language as it represented a standard in their time.

English has no demands upon it to follow a language academy like the French. The have a genuine French Language Academy. In France, there are truly correct ways to use that interesting language. Not so in England or the United States. In fact, the English used in England, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, India, and other English-speaking countries reflects a versatility allowing for scientific and cultural changes in the use of English. We can relax and rest because 's English language will remain intelligible for may years.

To this date, if we were to fly anywhere in the world we might expect the pilot of our jet aircraft to speak to the airport control tower and English. Because of this we say that English is the dominant language of the world. And it is so because English is the business language of the world. Its flexibility and and spread throughout the world by way of British colonialism assured English a dominant position in the world of languages.

Now this is where the word should come in. Often shit as used today serves as a vulgar, despicable, low class, illiterate's use of the English language. Of course, most of us understand that shit has some pretty neat usage. Consider "bull shit" and try to find a term that carrie as much disregards for actions, ideas, and events. "This program sounds like bull shit."

How about, "The judge spoke with the attorneys in open court, and referred to their arguments as the mushroom theory of justice." Once jurors return to open court from their jury room and take their seats in the jury bo, "You attorneys keep them in the dark and feed them bull shit!"

I find this one amusing, considering my occupation, a familiar order from my father, "Clean up this shit!"

My work is "dirty work" because it refers to poop, fecal matter, cock,, stool, and dung. We call it a dirty work because it symbolizes decrement from defecating animals, including humans.

The word "shits" as used as a noun and refers to the plurality of diarrhea. The word should usually means a noun, that lump of gaseous microorganisms intertwined in fibers, mucus, and many more gastronomical outcomes.

We routinely used it in the military as a word showing reference to nonsense, foolishness, while depressing annoyance, surprise, anger, and even pain. "Shit that hurt!" "This is shit duty." "You're in the shit house today, soldier."

Shit house, incidentally, most probably refers to an out house used for pooping. A new a modern convenience for many people during the spread of the Enlightenment era. The development of the out house signaled the democratization of shitting. It probably saved tens of thousands of lives from the spread of cholera and other diseases from poops many millions of bacteria; plus over 6 thousand viruses identified in poop have proven benign, not hurtful, in many cases. Some remain hurtful, but since we've lived our entire lives with them and suffered through illnesses related to them, we're now in the clear; this do not mean that others remain immune to some of shit's viruses.

In any case, out houses allowed for a family, village, or town to use a common poop place. Here shit cleanup found a concentration of voluminous odors contributed by a population more than willing to contribute to the common potty. 's population has not used out houses for a couple generations. I suspect that it will do so soon if the drought continues. Shit cleanup must become just about everyone's task then. Of course, we might revert back to the chamber maid model of shit cleanup.

Today we use shit on the Internet as people refer to products, people, events, and more. Shit becomes a noun; it become an adjective in the use of shit-for-brains, and as a wonderful variation in the term "ass hole." To note bodily actions while reflecting shit's lower connotations, Monty Python's Guest for The Holy Grail uses the term "fart." A noble knight farts downwind of King Arthur. In doing so he "Farts in your direction" to demean the King. Usually, we find passing gas among others embarrassing. Here the characters convince viewers that the tables are switched. To fart in another's direction for demeaning them found a clear depression in Python's direction. Language switches meaning on us as circumstances change.

We can say that the act itself, defecation, often takes on other terms for cultural reasons, which I explore elsewhere. We say, "I need to take a dump," or "It's time for a nature call," all the while sidestepping the act itself as "taking a shit." Somehow this last phrase strikes us as too much to endure because it carries a graphic power of its own. We know from these terms that a pile of poop, a load will soon appear elsewhere, because to shit in the presence of others is unheard of outside of the military.

"A piece of of shit" refers to a very low person, a broken appliance, and even a politician.

Whatever the case, we can say that thanks to the great work of Chaucer, Milton, and Shakespeare for slowing down English for all to understand the meaning of our language, including shit and its many variations.

Shit and Shit Cleanup In Class Struggle

's residents and businesses have plenty of their own issues and problems. Still, social and economic class consciousness appear often enough, and often enough we remain unaware of it or ignore it. I have heard a number of times that the more wealth a person has, the greater their class consciousness. This seems ironic because at times a more wealthy person may have less education than a person of meager means.

The origins of class consciousness as it applies to shit cleanup go way back and have their roots in ancient Greece. Slave were responsible for shit cleanup in many homes with disposable incomes. Servants were used for shit cleanup as well. One's role in society placed them on a social hierarchy and their every day life would submit them to varying layers of social strata and the ensuing pressures of simply getting along because of class consciousness.

Lower class people were quick to make room for those of a higher class. Higher classes were most commonly found using a structure with architectural designs when using public baths. The poor used common shit designated fields as needs. Early in history even fields were not designated for human poop.

Later in the middle ages, especially into the 14 to 17th centuries, the ruling class were quick to wear white makeup as a sign of their power and authority. Remain out of the sun also became a more fashionable state to those interested in portraying class authority. The lower classes usually had dark skin from their many hours in the fields laboring under the sun. To aid the the ruling class could distance themselves from the lower classes, the "proletariat (Greek), the better for their social standing. When it came to poop and feces cleanup, class consciousness played a great role in individual and group behavior we see.

One of the great ironies of shit cleanup and today's more "fashionable" ladies has historical roots. Yep, shit cleanup as the modern age progressed into and through the industrial revolution.

The aristocratic ruling classes in Western countries were not epected to do their own shit cleanup -- as we would epect. The fashion required that a barrow and later ceramic vessels were used for defecating. Most often this took place in a bedroom. The members of the aristocracy made a point of pooping before leaving their rooms, lest they become forced to use a common means of defecating. Doing so would and did distinguish their behavior as vulgar and unbecoming a person of their stature. To shit like a commoner was unacceptable.

So the bed chamber with its chamber pot, a honey bucket, some would call it, fell within the domain of the chamber maid. She had responsibility for keeping the honey pot empty and clean. In later centuries these pots carried water to reduce the stink.

High Shoes Grew

As time passed in the cities, especially as the cities became more dense, shit piled high and wide. Chamber maids were bound to step in piles of decaying shit. In turn they tracked into their master's house and caused flies to follow and multiply. So where there's a genuine need a genuine entrepreneur comes up with an answer to pressing social concerns - - high heels.

High heels began to appear on chamber maids shoes as they made their morning walks into the shit fields to add their own contributions. With high heels they were less likely to walk upon shit piles, and when they did the narrower heels carried less shit upon the soles. Today's high fashion beauty queens now carry on this chamber maid addition to the human wardrobe. This I call "ironic" in the struggle within and around class consciousness.


Facts about California's Shit Cleanup Strategies

Today's use of shit cleanup has a more concrete use in the shit cleanup needs of California residents. Consider the shit cleanup needs of San Bernardino County residents. Coming in with about 2,034,210 residents, a figure that has a terrific water cost for the state. More though, can you imagine the San Bernardino County shit cleanup needs? Figure that each person shits about 450 pounds of shit per year, this gives us a rough total of 950,000,000 pounds of shit for the total population. That's a lot of shit cleanup. Now you say, "Yes, but they have a sewer system." Well keep in mind, this is semi-arid or out-and-out desert country. Moving roughly 950 million pounds of shit takes a lot of what; then it must have refining and disposal.

You then say, "Mr. Evans, you have it all wrong. The sanitary sewer system, the sewage system, is not shit cleanup."

I answer, "How can you say that sewer system does not serve as shit cleanup?" What's it supposed to do then."

It makes much more sense to do your dry land poop cleanup with composting for shit cleanup. As the 12th most populated county in California, consider the Los Angeles County shit cleanup numbers, but first take a look at this behemoth, this testimony to humanity's quest to simplify shit cleanup.

Population Concentration Without Shit Cleanup

A concentrated population of human beings soon outstrips its shit cleanup capacity. Shit begins to overflow without a direct discharge route. I go now to the 19th century Victorian England. Cleaning capacity of this city failed to match its shit production by a monumental failure. Something needed to change; it did.

Migrating rural populations found cholera outbreaks in London. By 1831, 1849, 1854, and 1866 more than 35,000 people died in London. The western world found itself in the midst of migrants flocking to the great cities for income. But then came the cholera problem. New York City lost 5000 between 1848 in 1849. In Sacramento County some 1000 died in 1850. This story has a future in the rheam of shit cleanup by compost.


Infectious disease